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 Equipment List

We have an extensive list of equipment on hand, however every job is different and every job has its unique requirments, this is why we camera operators/DOP's have a close network to enable us to call on any type of kit needed for any type of job.  


If it is not on the list, it does not mean we do not have it.

Please enquire with whatever needs you may have on your wish list. 


XDCam                   PDW 700

Canon                    C300
Digi Beta                PDW 970
Canon                    J17     Long Lens
Canon                    J9       Wide Lens 

Canon DSLR        5D Mk 2
​Canon DSLR        5D Mk 3
Canon                   16 - 35 mm Lens
Canon                   24  - 70 mm Lens x2

Ultra Sonic           70  - 200 mm Lens


Gopro                  x3

Ozmo Gimble     x1

Camera Support



Sachtler 18p                  Single Release 2 stage
Manfrotto                      DSLR


Tripod Studio Wheels

Ronin 5x Stabilizer

Monitor                         7 inch

Gazzebo                       3 x 5 meters

Aditional Available Cameras

Sony F5

Red Epic X

Scarlet X

Nikon D600


5 x Battery LED Light Panels 
1 x Large Soft Box

1 x Small Soft Box

2 x Dedo Spots

3 x Arri 650

1 x Arri 300

1 x Red Head


3 x Reflectors



1 x Senhieser 416

2 x Senhieser Radio Mics

1 x Zoom Box Audio Recorder


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