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Social Media

Social Media is a real thing now.  Ignore it's possibilities with peril, as you may be left behind.

My main Social Media Client is Yuen's Farmer's Market at Underwood Central.

It is now a bustling fruit shop with a big variety of fruit and specialty groceries.

In 12 months it has gone from Zero to 5000 followers and growing every day.

What do 5000 followers mean?  It means that with Social Media you can get to choose your audience, be it age group, gender, interest, or in this case location. 


For the Local Fruit Shop that means it needs a Local Audience, so the Followers are all local with in a 5km radius of the store.

For the Fruit Shop it does not have any point in having Fijian Followers, just to make the numbers look good.  They need to know that every post is seen by the people they need to see it.   So beat Facebook at their own game as they will only be as nice as they want to be and show who they want to show, so you may as well keep the Followers REAL.

What are the benefits of your personalized audience?  You can post as much as you like and the more you post, the more you get.  Both in Followers and obviously Customers.   So eventually you can advertise for FREE.

Social Media is REAL

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